“…dressed all in black and bondage are the eternal elements of the creator’s work”

Yohji Yamamoto continues to spread his revolutionary, ever-widening sphere of influence in fashion, driven by his rebellious unruly spirit.

In his current fall men’s show the master presented “a statement about today’s world”, all in video format. The randomly printed and embroidered phrases like “Amazing Grace” or  “Born a Terrorist” on the collection’s pieces fit perfectly to Yamamoto’s rebellious soul.

The epic quality clothes, armor-like outerwears, muzzle-style masks or metal-mesh gloves, and the models dressed all in black and bondage are the eternal elements of the creators work that his fans will never tire of.

This fall collection is largely a reflection of the designer’s present-day observations of the streets and the world. In the best pieces in this collection, it is almost possible to feel the designer reaching through the shadows and guiding us through tempests to shelter.

Source: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2021-menswear/yohji-yamamoto

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