Mechatronica Aid EP

Berlin based label (and party organizer at the now legendary Griesmühle) Mechatronica came out a fresh electro compilation in the time of this god knows how long quarantine. The performative scene amongst many suffering big time during the corona pandemic so the label is now trying to help the producers under their umbrella. The release has 11 crisp electro tracks from producers like Datawave, Teslasonic or one of the label’s flagship Dez Williams. None of the tracks are particularly fast and mostly bringing flashbacks from the golden times of electro (Dez William-Base Meant) and even EBM (Cardo Pusher-Mirror Terror). The whole album’s atmosphere is dark but somehow necessary dark. In these vulnerable times when we are so dependent on our technology it’s a must to face our fears with this harsh and grim musical architectures.

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