In collaboration with AQB -art quarter budapest, Spatial Sound Institute opens its doors for a two-day sound exhibition in 4DSOUND on 17-18th May

An evening listening program on Friday 17th May focuses on the role of hybrid, ambiguous spaces as a basis for an immersive experience, including works by Iannis Xenakis, Tiernan Cross, Maxime Gordon and Fraction. On Saturday 18th May we present ‘Compound Terrains’ by Tom Slater and Jeremy Keenan, an audiovisual work exploring hybrid spaces through …

Orphx represses back in “Boundary Conditions” & “Sacrifice” has been out of print for nearly two years while the recently released “Learn To Suffer” was briefly sold out and now back in stock as well,You can buy here 

Scerbo’s interesting worldview guides us from digital science and theoretical philosophy to zen culture.

“I am interested in conveying a message of pure and unadulterated reflection, distancing myself from sterile provocations and loud denunciations, as I concentrate my efforts on instilling an awareness of different aspects of present reality, which I see as a conglomerate of tensions and contradictions between the human ego and its existential evolution.” – Scerbo