COR Podcast #01 – Simona Zamboli

Let us present to you Simona Zamboli, a Milan-based electronic musician and sound engineer, who blesses as well as bestows us with the very first edition of our new COR podcast. Liaison of an experimental journey, she endows with a sense of sweet disassociation of body and mind.

You can check out her newest release titled “Ethernity”, comprising ten vibrant turmoils, now released under the label Mille Plateaux.

COR: Could you tell us a little about yourself?  How did your journey to the world of music begin? What did  your first initial steps look like?

Simona: I started very quietly by going to college and studying mainly as a sound engineer, I never believed I was an artist, I thought I had to deal with the machines and only had to have control over peaks, pitches and frequencies… 

I wanted to explore the physical properties of sound, to understand how to create that unseen but perceptible creature that made my senses fall asleep like sails in the wind whenever I listened to electronic music.

Then I threw myself into learning digital audio workstations and started producing music on movies. My first work ‘Prada Vision’ was superbly viewed by the director of the film for which I created the track in question and by other esteemed Italian composers. They found my sound very commercial and surreal at the same time. They had understood my intentions exactly, I had finally expressed myself in a new language but one I felt confident in.

Since then I have never stopped producing music.

COR: What kind of analogue gear do you use to make “noize” ? Who or what inspires your work and your live acts?

Simona: My solo project remains upright thanks to sound impulses from real life, lots of processing on Ableton Live before the final mix and some analogue machines. At the moment I’m emotionally attached to my Minilogue, a polyphonic analogue synthesizer from Korg, a bass line and a sampler to generate and innovate my drums for each track. I am of course thinking about expanding my setup.

My inspiration is to draw authentic worlds in which I take refuge and which I would like to become, if only for a short while, someone else’s soundtrack.

COR: What kind of audiovisual production do you partake in? Have you ever produced with film or other visual media soundtracks?

Simona: I worked for an independent LGBQT film production when I was in Bologna with a soundtrack co-production.

I did sound branding for some Italian clothes and accessories shops and I worked on the audio production and sound fx of well-known TV, streaming and radio commercials as a post production sound engineer.

I am constantly managing audiovisual calls and collaborations because my music is basically developed on images, mostly abstract and cybernetic.

COR: Do you have a dream to work with other artists from various scenes ? What about your plans for the future?

Simona: My dream is to work with FKA twigs, she has been an inspiration to me since her first album. I find her truly avant-garde, elegant, balanced, a bottomless pit of unreachable artistic ideas.

My plans definitely call for experience abroad.

COR: What kind of impact would you like to make on the world with your art? What was your favorite event you have participated in?

Simona: I would like to express myself and be able to combine all my chaotic and often dissonant influences into one ‘genre’. Genre is a term I don’t like to use, but you get the idea… I would like to define all my ideas in an irrepressible container that is not limited to music. I’m talking about a current. I love dancing, I’d like to gather a wider range of artistic minds and create something crazy. But everything must have its time. 🙂

My favourite event so far has definitely been the 25th of Raster Noton in Rome, in a single evening I had the pleasure of listening to most of the artists who taught me.

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