Lucentement / Rigards giveaway

Choiced salvaged wood——paired simply and harmoniously with ultralight aluminum-magnesium——gets a second life in a frame that stands as a work of art.

Codenamed “Le Wood”, this iconic collaborative style between RIGARDS and Uma Wangwas designed to tie in with a reflection on dual themes: the powerful mountainscape of the Andes, and the timeless elegance of Bauhaus ingenuity. Embracing a deceptively unfussy shape, the frame juxtaposes two nature-derived materials of opposite properties and two different worlds of traditions, skills, and associations, culminating in a singularly potent aesthetic.

In congratulations of creative platform Lucentement reaching a significant milestone——100,000 followers on Instagram——they are gifting a special pair of Le Wood to a chosen winner. This Limited Edition frame is noteworthy not just for its customized elements (Vintage Gray rims, Light Mirror Finish lens), but also for the hand-technique that bends the rules of materiality: the wood is coated in gossamer-thin bamboo paper, and hand-painted in traditional lacquer technique, with careful drying, sanding, and smoothing between each layer, until the final matte top layer is applied to produce lacquer with less shine, delivering a unique rendition of the time-honored art form. Lucentement has represented a resolute independent fortitude; this inventive pair marks our tribute to that spirit. • •

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