Seven Years Of Delirium – by Liber Null Berlin

Liber Null is celebrating seven years of existence, creativity, and delirium!

Loyal to the concept of ‘Magick’ rituals and with a deeply ideological approach towards darkness and the chaos in performance arts, the interdisciplinary collective prepares a very limited release of USB metallic vessels in a special box, including an anniversary booklet with photography by Natalia Evelyn Bencicova.

In order to address the Liber Null experience, we selected 40 artists who performed at our events over the years.

We value each and every collaboration and are thankful to have collaborated with an endless amount of sorceries from all eras and corners of the globe. The hope to inspire even more creatures to dig for the occult is reassured by this meaningful journey crafted by those who we consider as masters of Magick.

Enter Delirium
Enter Liber Null

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