Dualidad by Reeko

“Although Reeko has gotten us used to experimentation in many of his works, this time he goes a step further. Better not expect to find a dance beat on this album, not even a hint to the dancefloor. Instead, let’s find a good seat and close our eyes and start to journey inwards and outwards at the same time.

“Dualidad” shows us a constant struggle between the drive of imperfect melodies and that cosmos we were talking about. Two sides of the same coin, the irregularity of the universal “noise” against the softness of a light song, the dissonance that fights with harmony. Thus, a handful of songs emerge that require patient listening, without haste, with all the senses activated to appreciate the nuances that we will find built on layers of intricate sound sequences.

Tracks were generated in the most organic way, in a single take, with hardly any post-production, resulting in a personal and unique work..”

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