DDS03 by Intergalactic Gary & Pasiphae / SILF

Third number in the DDS split series after a pair of releases courtesy of Betonkust/Új Bála and DJ Overdose/Sematic4, ‘DDS03’ sees Budapest duo SILF (alias Farbwechsel chief-operators Alpár & S Olbricht) and Den Haag-based pair Intergalactic Gary and Pasiphae join forces on a quartet of elusive, unpigeonholeable power moves.

Four years after the drop of their debut joint EP on Biorhythm, ‘Made of Glass’, I-G and Pasiphae are back at it with two left-of-centre hybrids of futuristic techno on a whirring electro-industrial tip. An off-kilter jam percolating fine hints of spiritual elation and post-apocalyptic anxiety, ‘Microwaves’ gets the ball rolling on a dichotomous note. To slo-scudding flocks of loud, bouncy kicks supersede skeins of brittle chimes and rattling drums, all woven together by subtle tectonic shifts of moody pads.

A further hi-intensity affair, ‘Indistinct Chatter’ drives that essential heavenly/nightmarish duplicity to higher spheres of consciousness. Fusing lighthearted, daydreaming tonalities with brooding, cavernous onslaughts from the depths, the track has us navigating in a zone of its own, deftly oscillating betwixt moments of mystique-imbued euphoria and darkling introspection. A choice exponent of the Hague-based dyad’s capacity at busting antiquated patterns and limitations.

Having slept in the label’s vaults for a few seasons, the two tracks composing the B-side emerge from their slumber in all their time-proof bravura. An in-your-face trampler, the ten-minute long ‘Mono Miner’ takes no byway to get its point across, all set to smash basements and warehouses by the dozen with its electrifying compound of 909-emulated gut churn and spinning synth arpeggios circling like birds of prey over your sore, rhythm-enslaved carcass.

Closing the journey on a much softer, hazier vibe, ‘Aces’ steers us towards a realm of ambient wonder, where slo-drip cascades of tapping percussions and elegiac synth waters flow into warm, glimmering summer beds. A most contrasting, tranquillizing finale to an EP defined by its propensity to change colours and intensity throughout.
/Baptiste Girou/

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