“a cathartic, South American gothic wedding tragedy” – Maison Margiela SS21

John Galliano, the Gibraltar-born British fashion designer eschews the traditional and invites us to his inimitable universe through an epic new video titled S.W.A.L.K. II directed by Nick Knight.

He didn’t lie when he used the “magical” term describing the final result. This “fashion-docu-fantasia” shows the viewer not just the particular process of designing his collection and the amazing rehearsals in the Maison Margiela studio, but also ends with a cathartic, South American gothic wedding tragedy. He  also goes into the details of his main inspiration for the new collection, the tango, which is evoked in a red, white, and grey color palette. Now we absolutely understand  Gallianos standpoint as he had said: “This is the best medium” and “I’m very happy to work this way.”

The movie makes us visible the designers creatíve process, themes, inspirations as techniques (cutting methods, wet look effects, etc.). It also goes further to bring viewers into the Margiela universe by demonstrating how techniques developed in the artisanal collection have been especially industrialized for ready-to-wear.

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