“More Angst, less Pop. A message straight from hell. Arafna Cultura forever.” – Haus Arafna / Asche

For those who have an eye on the darker side of the industrial music scene, this 26th August was a special day for sure. After many long years a new release appeared on the brilliant Galakthorrö label straight from Haus Arafna, the landlords of this glittering black universe.

Asche, their new album is a worthy sequel to Butterfly, which brought a more sophisticated but still raw and brutal sound that retained the timeless character of their music. There are slower, excessively dark atmospheric pieces full of sadness, despair and suffocation enthroned by Mr. Arafna’s chants and sometimes Mrs. Arafna’s screaming and eerie whispering from beyond.

The other part of this masterpiece opens the gate to the more traditional and also merciless, legendary world of Haus Arafna: hellish, bestial vocals, harsch noises, scream from the afterlife, brutal and monotonous rhythms, darkness and death without any unnecessary prevarications. The strict German lyrics just deepen this ruthless mood besides, every track has some beautifully developed details which constantly prove the deeply artistic value of the production.

More Angst, less Pop. A message straight from hell. Arafna Cultura forever.

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