“It is natural for me to be inspired by mystic, religious, sacred references, however, I can’t really explain why. I like to confront myself to subjects that are greater than me.” – Boramy Viguier

Oversized styling, faux leather bombers, victorian shirts, waterproof hats, hand-painted lace masks, recycled and embroidered pieces. These are just some of the typical features of the new collection from the French-Cambodian designer Boramy Viguier.

His new SS21 show was presented through a 3D Digital Lookbook Video which resonates not only with our new age but the looks from movies, antique and medieval dresses in museums, and the pagan art. Viguier brings into focus the mixing of utilitarian designs, mysticism, and archaic symbology that results in a completely unique and unusual artistic world that catches the viewer’s eye and don’t let it slip anymore.

“I think the challenge for menswear designers and fashion designers in general, is to propose clothing and style that is more artisanal, less universal, less global, more local, more aggressive, less pop, more nervous… This is what interests me. A more tragic style. The demystified world as it is doesn’t make me smile.”

“It’s terrific to have convictions, but I think it’s better to see the world in a mystic manner with no judgment. I prefer mystery and un-rationality.” – Boramy Viguier

Check the full SS21 collection: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2021-menswear/boramy-viguier/

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