“…there is a story that we are telling by the music and art itself but especially through many puzzles, ciphers and hidden messages which are being created by talented coders and hackers.”

We are always happy about hearing fresh and unusual ideas from our hometown, Budapest. Let us gladly present a short interview with the young anonym creators of a really forward-thinking and absolutely unique concept. A strange mixture of storytelling, adventure-puzzle & geocaching games and community labels – but let the dreamers tell their story themselves!

COR: Tell us more about this really unique concept! How get so many different kind of “genres” get together in one project?

-..- :  So we started a free to download label/ project called “AM 01:09:69 JUN-05-1970”. The project has two parts that are strongly connected. Firstly there is the musical/ artistic aspect where we are trying to bring together many different types of electronic music producers, designers, painters, animators, poets and hopefully in the future many more types of artists. And secondly there is a story that we are telling by the music and art itself but especially through many puzzles, ciphers and hidden messages which are being created by talented coders and hackers. When being solved they lead you further in the storyline

COR: So there’s a main storyline behind the whole concept which is evolving continuously? Could you share some details?:)

-..- : AM 01:09:69 JUN-05-1970 is the point in time X decided to leave and never come back. The place he went to is existing in the absence of time and space. A blank canvas that could be painted by his imagination. A world in silence that could be filled with sound. A place where every feeling, every movement, every creation means so much more than in the numbing reality he left behind. This label is the linking point. It tells a story about the many encounters X is making along the way. A story about misunderstanding and connection, about rejection and romance.

COR: How does the structure behind it look like? Who’s responsible for the “concept-development”? Do you plan to make a commercial part for the label?

-..- : The way the project operates is not traditional. There is no owner. Anybody who is and chooses to be part of it is equal in every playing field. That became an important point for us because of personal experiences we have made with labels in the past and how easy it is to limit the artist to a point where the product is not genuine anymore. It is our goal to allow absolute freedom in expression for the artist while the label itself is not just a loose knot tied around its output but a framework which creates unusual circumstances for the art to be presented in. We have a lot of lovely people working on this already around the globe who we are grateful to be calling our friends.  There is no financial gain tied to this project. If someone donates on bandcamp, all the money goes equally to everybody involved in the given release. The donations of the latest release will fully go to the NAACP. We will also have an interview with the artist behind the cover for every release and will dedicate a portion of the release to promoting up-and-coming visual artists. These interviews will be done in a way that is not out of context of the storyline.

COR: What’s next? Do you have any fresh release exclusively under the name of the label?

Yeah, sure! We can share the next three releases with you. In July we will have an EP by russian ghetto producer ‘Destroy’. In August we want to move in a more experimental direction with ‘Cemetery’ from Tokyo. And in September we will feature the Mexican Ambient Producer KOI. We are extremely excited for these releases and proud to be working with these talented artists.  Oh, and our recent artwork was made by Ahmad Badaro.

Check the artist’s own Soundcloud profile:

1.Ottonian (Tbilisi,Georgia)

2.DJ Valentimes (Chicago,USA)

3.DJ simlocked (Frankfurt,Germany)

4.Juhasz Tamas (Budapest,Hungary)

5.Destroy (Saint Petersburg,Russian Federation)

6.aitch (Hamburg,Germany)

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