Modern American fashion aesthetic revived by Rok Hwang.

This collection is inspired by reminiscences from the 90’s classical woman fashion in New York. He redefines these impressions in a slick and a bit dark womenswear which represents the urban-life and a wholly female non-corporate fierceness.

“I wanted to provide the visual story of what I’d seen out of my dad’s car — girls in really sharp suits, walking really fast in New York, mixed with my dad’s tacky style.”- thinks of his childhood memories, the road trip across in America.

“This collection is really about everything I saw out of my dad’s car, and what he wore—a vest and really tacky shoes. And he always carried sort of mountain climbing kit with him, even though he never climbed.”

Stretched clothes, leather patchworks with abstracted sooty overprints, ropes, and backpack straps embedded in elegant tailoring. Hwang’s sliced and wrapped pieces with lashings of acid colors are a new kind of energy—a way of seeing the fashion of the ’90s through new eyes.

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