“…Painting in red is an absolute necessity.” BERNARD AUBERTIN

Bernard Aubertin was an artist best known for his red monochromatic paintings and association with the ZERO movement. Born in 1934 in Fontenay-aux-Roses, France, he initially studied decorative art until meeting Yves Klein in 1957, who encouraged him toward abstract art. Aubertin’s first monochrome works were created in 1958 and featured canvases covered in materials such as nails, bolts, and screws all painted in red. By 1961, he officially joined the ZERO group, seeking to create a detached, expressionless approach to art-making. Later in his career, his practice evolved to incorporate performance, and he became known for setting fire to his own work and exhibiting the remains, as in Livre Brûlé (1974), where the artist set fire to a book and displayed the charred remains of its pages and bindings. In 2009, Aubertin’s work was the subject of an exhibition at the Foundation for Concrete Art in Reutlingen, Germany, the same city where he died on August 31, 2015. (www.artnet.com)

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